2020 MCC Greg Hjorth Online Classic Enter

This year due to CoVid-19 restrictions in Melbourne, MCC has decided to hold an online event in?Greg Hjorth’s memory instead of the usual over-the-board (OTB) tournament.

The event will comprise 2 tournaments:??(1) An invitational tournament for around 20 elite players, and?(2) an open tournament for all other players.

MCC thanks the Hjorth family for their continued support of this year’s event in difficult circumstances.

Dates:?? Friday October 30th– Tuesday November 3rd?

Register:? https://tornelo.com/chess/orgs/melbourne-chess-club/events/2020-mcc-greg-hjorth-online-classic
Location:? Online play using Tornelo

Organiser: Thai Ly?( 0421 912 296, melbchessclub@gmail.com )
Co-Arbiter:?Alexej Khamatgaleev (0426 731 726, lehak10@hotmail.com) and Peter Tsai (0419 324?870, chess@t-s-a-i.com)

Format:? 9 Round Swiss

All games to be played online via Tornelo website. Zoom to be used for arbiter identification and
interaction.?Any player who does not have a current Tornelo profile will have a new Tornelo profile created.

Time control:? 60 minutes + 10 seconds per move?
?? ?
Forfeit time:? Players are required to be logged into their Tornelo board within 30 minutes of?scheduled start time in order to avoid being forfeited.
? ??Entries close (invitational):?Thu 29th Oct, 11.59 pm
? ??Entries close (open):?Fri 30th Oct, 7.00 pm
? ??Round 1: Fri 30th Oct, 7pm
? ? Round 2: Sat?31st?Oct, 1.00pm
?? ?Round 3:?
Sat?31st?Oct, 4.00pm
?? ?Round 4:?
Sat?31st?Oct, 7.00pm
?? ?Round 5: Sun?
1st?Nov, 1.00pm
?? ?Round 6:?
Sun?1st?Nov, 4.00pm
?? ?Round 7:?
Sun?1st?Nov, 7.00pm
?? ?Round 8: Mon 2nd Nov,?
?? ?Round 9: Tue?

Entry fees: ?
Invitational tournament
  • ?Free entry for all accepted players
Open tournament
  • $20 for MCC Member or MCC Online Discount Pass Holder.
  • $40 for Non-MCC Member.
  • Free entry for GM/WGM, IM/WIM, and FM/WFM players.
Late entries may be accepted at the arbiters’ discretion up to the start of round 3.
Refunds are available if withdrawal is notified 24 hours before round 1 of the tournament.

Byes: Up to two half point byes for rounds 1-7 may be taken if approved by an arbiter.

Results/Pairings:?Pairings and results will be posted on Chess Chat tournament discussion as well?as in Tornelo. Played games and games in progress can be observed in Tornelo.

Invitational tournament
Pairings will be made on the basis of current FIDE classical ratings.

Open tournament


Invitational tournament
1st - $600
2nd - $400
3rd - $250
4th - $150

Open tournament
1st - $400
2nd - $300
3rd - $200
4th - $150
Rating Prizes – 1st - $150, 2nd - $75
There shall be a rating group for approximately every 15 players. Rating groups will be announced?during the tournament.

How to register and play

Step 1: Registering and Payment to play: Login/Signup to?Tornelo and join the online tournament (Please send us email if you want to be considered for Invitational). Use the link below to register and play on the day:

Payment will be processed via choosing the applicable payment selection in Tornelo.

Step 2: Logging into Zoom prior to start of round
Up to 15 minutes prior to the schedule start of first round of any day, log in to Tornelo and go to the
link above. Look for the big green Open Zoom room button to video conference with the arbiter. The
button will open this zoom room:

Additional Tournament Regulations


Maintaining Internet connection is the players responsibility. If you disconnect then Tornelo allows you to reconnect and provided that your time has not run out you may continue your game. In some circumstances an arbiter may intervene and pause the clocks while you re-establish connection, but you should not rely on this happen.?

The arbiter also reserves the right make decisions if the disconnection happens during the last move of the game. For example a draw offer is made and the disconnection happens before the offer can be accepted and the player was intending to accept the draw.

Count back

There is no count back to determine prize money. Prize money will be shared amongst players with equal scores.

Arbiters decision

The arbiters decision is final.?


You may claim a draw as per FIDE rules for claiming a draw. If you are claiming a draw please press the call arbiter button.

Fair Play
  • You are not permitted to use a computer engine, book (or other person) to assist you with your game?play.
  • You must be in the Zoom room, have your video on and share your screen.
  • You are not permitted to watch streaming of your game while?playing.
  • We ask you to refrain from public accusations of cheating as this undermines the tournament and arbiters authority. Suspicions should be brought privately to the arbiter or organiser so we can deal with it as per our policy.??
  • It is up to the tournament arbiters and organisers to make?fair-play?decisions. Rather than being accused of cheating, your results won’t be accepted.
  • Tornelo has round-by-round analysis tools to help arbiters monitor fair play.
  • We may use independent tools to verify results before giving out any prizes.
MCC Code of Conduct and anti-online cheating

?All players are reminded that the MCC Code of Conduct will apply to participation in this event. You?can find the MCC Code of Conduct at the MCC website:

MCC is committed to ensuring that the integrity of this tournament is maintained to the highest level?possible.?To this end, MCC has authorised the arbiters to apply the current FIDE anti-cheating regulations as?well as the current MCC anti-cheating online protocols, which includes algorithmic analysis of
completed games.

If a player suspects another player of cheating, they should send a private message to the arbiter or?send an email to melbchessclub@gmail.com. No public accusations of cheating are to be made.

MCC reserves the right to withhold the finalisation of any results and release of prizes until suspected?occasions of cheating have been investigated and resolved.

MCC requests that all players follow the principles and processes below in observing the MCC Code?of Conduct and anti-online cheating protocols:
? We want to keep the community chess feel in the tournaments.
? You cannot be anonymous. You must provide you first and last name in full.
? Cheating will not be tolerated, regardless of the reason for doing so. You are part of a?community that relies on you doing the right thing. If you want to cheat then go somewhere?else. We don't imagine that people will cheat. But just in case you think it is fun to troll?somebody, don't as it put the experience at risk for everybody.
? Parents should make their kids aware of the dangers of cheating and supervise their kids.?Parents must supervise their kids if asked.
? You must provide an email and phone number that we can contact you on. For juniors this?must be the contact of one of your parents.
? No talking about games in progress in the open chat.
? Arbiter's decision is final.